What You May Not Know About Rememdy For Hemorrhoids

Pile also known as Hemorrhoid (US English) or haemorrhoid (British English), is one of the commonest disease in today`s world. A pile is one of the soft pads that has slipped downwards slightly, because the surrounding tissue is not holding it in place properly (British Medical Journal 2008;336:380–3).
It is a varicose and often inflamed condition of the veins, inside or just outside the rectum. In external piles, there is a lot of pain but not much bleeding. In the case of internal piles, there is discharge of dark blood. In some cases the veins burst and this results in what is known as bleeding piles.

This health condition has plagued mankind since ancient times and might have even influenced world history. According to a British medical journal of 1972 hemorrhoids "are common in economically developed communities, rare in developing countries, and almost unknown in tribal communities, where the influence of Western countries is slight." It might interest you to know that Symptomatic hemorrhoids affect at least 50% of the American population at some time during their lives, with around 5% of the population suffering at any given time, and both sexes experiencing the same incidence of the condition. They are more common in Caucasians.
Annually, only about 500,000 in the U.S. are medically treated for massive hemorrhage, with about 20% of them requiring surgeries.
This condition knows no status.It affects the "privileged" and the "less-privileged". Report has it that the emperor of France,Napoleon Bonaparte suffered a terrible pain as a result of thrombosed hemorrhoids,which impaired his battlefield conduct in Waterloo.
An outstanding baseball player,George Brett, was removed from a game in the 1980 World Series due to hemorrhoid pain.But,he still underwent further hemorrhoid surgery the following spring.
Oh,What a sad news!

Nowadays, there is an abundance of information on piles and hemorrhoids on the internet because of the high incidence of the condition. But despite this, there is a lot of confusion on the subject. This is because most individuals are embarrassed or awkward about discussing some health problems and consider them to be of a personal nature. Very often otherwise health conscious individuals even defer going to a doctor or seeking medical treatment simply out of fear or anxiety of social discomfort. The fact is that piles problems are exceedingly common and if treated effectively can be cured permanently.
A pile is not a disease, but is a condition that could be caused by some underlying infection, but there is no such thing as a piles infection. In most cases, piles is simply caused due to faulty eating habits, with diets that are deficient in essential fiber, while being extremely rich in fat.
Hemorrhoid symptoms, cures and treatment are connected and it is important to identify the cause of the piles for a lasting piles cure. Piles may be caused by a variety of factors apart from the most common diet causes. The direct cause being the exertion of excessive pressure on veins in the anal region causing them to get inflamed. Obesity can contribute to the development of piles and severely aggravate the problem because of increased pressure.

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Natural Home Remedies for Hemorrhoids

For the same reason piles symptoms in pregnancy are not uncommon and the condition usually resolves naturally post delivery. In such scenarios simple home remedies for piles can offer a great deal of relief. Typically these would include diet remedies and modifications to your lifestyle. While there are piles remedies for quick relief it is absolutely necessary to make changes to your lifestyle and diet for a lasting cure to the condition. Failing this pile will simply keep recurring and worsen over time. In cases where piles have been caused by some underlying condition such as bowel cancer then treatment would need to address that underlying condition to cure piles.
This is one condition where home treatment is preferable as natural home remedies for piles are not just effective, but also a lot safer. Constipation is not just a contributing factor to piles, but it can make the passage of stools excruciating when suffering from piles. In such situations it may be necessary to take laxatives or seek medical help. Keep in mind however that frequent usage of laxatives can be dangerous as it may create dependence, with lazy colon syndrome, where the bowels cannot be evacuated without consumption of a laxative. Natural laxatives are therefore a much better ideas.

Natural remedies for hemorrhoid is possible with the use of Hemorrhoid Miracle. it is perfect for the treatment of all symptoms of hemorrhoids. Curing piles or successfully passing stools is however not the end of the problem and it is important to make changes to your diet, including eating more fiber rich foods and water in order to shrink that hemorrhoid forever.

Holly Hayden is an independent researcher who developed H Miracle system reputed to have recorded a consistent 96.4% success rate for the cure and treatment of hemorrhoids. Currently, she is considered to be the #1 authority on natural hemorrhoid elimination and digestive health. Grab her secret report today!
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